Book on Native America Calling

Our History Through The Camera Lens

The Jicarilla of Dulce

The Jicarilla of Dulce

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but, if it’s not carefully documented everything about the image can mean little to the viewer. A new book titled “Images of America – The Jicarilla Apache of Dulce” will be making its way to the public and opening up their people’s story. What can we learn about documenting our history through images that we create through the lens of a camera? How can we be sure that our photos are maintained in a way that will help our people understand who we once were a hundred years from now? Guests include Dr. Veronica Tiller (Jicarilla Apache) noted Native historian & author and Nadya Kwandibens (Ojibwe) First Nations Photographer.


Listen to the program here





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