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User name is: Abachii

After attending a journalism conference, I decided to try Instagram. I attended  several workshops on photography and social media because thought they would be interesting. I was impressed by what was presented and inspired to try new technologies. I met a lot of cool people including Michael Yamashita, a veteran National Geographic photographer.


4 thoughts on “Now on Instagram

  1. Oi oi Cougar! Congrats on finishing your book project! And an even bigger hurrah for giving the new tech a go! I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch 😦 I hope you’re doing well. Glad I can keep up with you on this blog.

      • Cheers Cougar. I think I fiddled around with the site more than I have w/ photos. how i’m doing is the shitty reason I didn’t keep in touch–I haven’t made any progress in terms of jobs or anything. I just work on my portfolio and try not to go mad (; And watch a lot of TV 😦 I thought I shouldn’t be so selfish, and i should keep better tabs on old chums who chug away at artmaking. especially ones who shun facebook hehe.

      • I haven’t made much progress either. My darkroom hasn’t been used in months. I’ve been focusing on the spiritual side of life for the past couple of months. I find that to be more rewarding but also it prepares me for what art i’ll produce when i’m ready. No shows or any publicity in the future. I’m happy to hear from you. I appreciate the time people take out of there lives to give a shout out.

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